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LS-Engineering Design Costs Objects done on a contract rate Some projects may require a defined contract with specific specifications  that include format adherence requirements. Where this is required, the  contract can place restrictions on simple modifications, cause delays in  contract updating and extend the time to market. The more complex the  product, the more the specifications need to be outlined in the contract. As a small company we do not have a large overhead to support, thus allowing us to provide our services at a much lower cost to our customers. Projects done on an hourly rate Most new prototype projects are best served on an hourly rate as the specifications and ‘form and fit’ may change significantly. Wireless Trolling Pro wireless handheld  Proportional Differential Drive PWM RF controller with steering control. PCB boards. Costs are broken down into three areas 1. Hardware Design 2. Programming 3. PCB Layout This allows your Company To make minor or major changes without delay in the design process. Create Job estimates. Make design reviews of pertinent data which can provide a reasonably close cost.