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Lab Equipment LS-Engineering has a complete lab full of equipment for the purpose of design, testing and/or R&D prototyping that is required for your project.  Our Lab equipment consists of: Oscilloscopes Various Meters Computers Cad and other Design programs Along with a large variety of hand and power tools. We at LS-Engineering take pride in our designs and projects. Let us help you with your design projects. Hardware Design Services LS-Engineering specializes in design services for small and medium sized companies. For companies that do not have design engineers on staff, or medium size companies that have projects that would like to relieve the workload of current staff. Analog and Digital Design We have over 20 plus years of design experience of analog and digital products. A few of the products designed are: Analog audio/video distribution amplifiers Analog audio/video routing switchers from 8x8 to 256x256 matrix 300 MHz digital 16x16 video switchers Analog BPF, BSF, LPF, HPF for signal conditioners ADC and DAC Audio microphone, graphic equalizers, and power amplifiers Industrial micro-processor controllers for machine automation Servo controllers Variable speed motor controllers Cable testing from 10 pin I/O to over 1000x1000 pin I/O matrices 2.4 GHz hand-held transceivers for machine control and data collection and processing Clipart calipers