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PCB and Schematic Design Services RF Systems LS-Engineering Design services include PCB design thru hole or service SMT, parts list, and file generation for mechanical ‘form and fit’ for manufacturing. We also provide services for redesign and updating current existing products for cost reduction and ease of manufacturing. CadSoft Professional version PCB specifications: 64x64 inches, 16 layers, resolution (0.1 microns), grids mm or inch, DRC, and full SMD support. Schematic specifications: up to 99 sheets per schematic, forward/backward annotation with PCB layout, Schematic and PCB library locked together for accurate component footprint. Schematic capture and PCB Design LS-Engineering has designed numerous products for the PCB industry over the past 20+ years. No matter how small or how large your project is LS- Engineering can and is very capable of completing it for you. sample: multi-layer PCB layout sample: Schematic layout Fractal wireless electron wave